A downloadable game for Windows

Enter the hivemind of an office staff on a work retreat. Become motivated to grow stronger as a unit while catching your teammates as they fall from extreme heights. You can catch some other things as well.

Arrow keys to move! Catch special drops to increase your multiplier! You can beat it!

Additional art by Sam Snow!

Made in 48 hours for my first game jam, the Alakajam! The theme was "falling." I have no delusions of winning, just super happy with how much I learned and having a finished project in such a short time!

Update: We got first place in the Theme category of the jam! Thanks to everyone who voted! I was joking in the last paragraph, I always knew I was gonna win and my self-worth completely depended on it.

Install instructions

Unzip And Game Out!

Sometimes Google Chrome won't let you download it, you just gotta hit the little arrow and press "keep."


Super Office Retreat.zip 7 MB

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